Arnold Dechamps

Network Engineer

About Me

I’m a person who has always been passionate about computers and technology. I always wanted to know how things works. Every single time I found something special, I wanted to investigate it and learn about it. I’m especially interested in planes, helicopters, astronomy, cars, electricity, networking, computers… The thing that I find interesting in it is how all those things can work without us even noticing. Every piece of industrial equipment has to run without failing to complete it’s mission for man kind. My job is to create, build and maintain those systems the best I can without users noticing problems while making them notice positive improvement.

Most of my coding projects are on github (I started self-hosting a gitlab for more sensitive scripts). Networking is a little bit more difficult tu publish, but I can say that I am able to create and maintain a multiple VLAN network with dynamic routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP), DNS, DHCP, NAT, VPN, QOS, Firewalling, radius 802.11X WPA authentication... and that on Cisco IOS, Ubiquiti Edge-OS, Junos, Ubiquiti Unifi, Router-OS, Open-WRT, PF-Sense, Linksys switches, HP switches... On the server side, I'm fluid with Windows server 2012/2016 and most linux distro's. At the client side, I can work with GNU/Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Past projects include :

  • Building the Tiguinet Backbone from 0 and maintaining it
  • Network and Security Engineer at Telenet
  • Backbone Network Engineer at Telerys
  • Backbone Network Engineering at BT
  • Rebuilding the LgHS Network
  • Winning bronze at WorldSkills Belgium 2018 in ICT
  • Creating and implementing the UrLab hackerspace network
  • Deploying the Fosdem 2019 network
  • Maintaining a arch, raspbian and MX mirror
  • Implementing a VOIP solution with Cisco CME

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