picture of me

Arnold Dechamps

Flying Network Engineer

About me

I was always interested in computers, technology and airplanes. I am the kind of guy who will always search to understand how things work. I like the seamless working of everything technical and like the automation of it.

My Lab rack a long time ago
Picture of my tent at hacker Camp MCH2022

Hacker ?

A hacker is someone who is able to take stuff, see how it works and then adapt it and use it in a way that solves his problem. Every few years, hackers gather in events where they solve problems together. I have been part of hacker communities since 2016 and have become more and more involved in them over the years.
I have volunteered in those communities, have been a network and system administrator in some of them and will continue for years to come. I hope I can help people getting in as much as the community has helped me.

The Aviation stuff

Because of my interest in aviation, I wanted to take one step further. So I stepped foot in the door to see what is possible inside the industry. Turns out that the knowledge from the IT industry can be useful in the aviation industry, but the opposite also turned out to be true.

Picture of the plane I fly


My mother tongue is French. I also learned to speak Dutch from a very young age. When I was growing up, I did all my extra-curricular activities. For English, I had to learn it by listening and reading it. Back in 2010, when I started getting access to the internet, almost all the content about computers was in English. I started with that. And today, I'm fluent in French, Dutch and English.

My current certifications :